This is me as a person

  • I performed with a circus for 3 years whilst finishing my law degree.
  • I still get a deep sense of fulfilment – even after 15 years of coaching – when someone tells me how their life has changed.
    • I feel the most alive when I’m on stage doing live comedy improv with a team. It’s high ambiguity, high stakes, high trust and lots of fun!
    • I wrote the #1 bestseller It’s Supposed To Be Fun whilst living in Bali, surrounded by rice paddy fields and cute ducks. This book shares the gems from my long coaching experience.
    • I used to joke about how I debug human code and make it run more elegantly and smoothly. Then one day, I realised how accurate this is!
    • My background is in commerce, law, medical science, NLP and Chinese Medicine.
    • I am a geek about medical science.

    The work I do

    • I debug human code, so that things run more elegantly and smoothly.
    • I work on the heart of the matter, so that you don’t waste time wrestling with symptoms.
    • I’ve done this as a coach for more than 15 years, and as a trainer for a few years.
    • When your mindset, thought patterns and beliefs are congruent with your goals, then you are in your most empowered and resourceful state. The same applies to your team.
    • This is when stress, anxiety, and other blocks to productivity begin to fall away.
    • This is also how you and your team can keep on top of it all, and fulfill your potential.
    • I’ve been doing this work for 15 years now, with many success stories.
    • I have a knack for having the difficult conversations or calling out the elephant in the room. I do this in constructive ways, so that we get great results together
    • You can work with me face-to-face and in person, or just as effectively on a convenient video call.
    There’s knowing the path.

    And then there’s walking the path.

    Want to get started now?