Fulfill your potential faster

Have more impact in a happier way

For 17 years, I’ve helped business leaders and community leaders to fulfill their potential… without burning out or getting side-tracked.

I help you get more done… in happier and easier ways.

Is my coaching program for you?

For you, life is about more than making money.

You want to fulfill your potential and to make a difference… for the people you care about, and perhaps for humanity too.

You’ve done so much already and there’s still more you want to achieve.

You’re smart. So you know you’ll get there on your own… eventually. And probably.

Maybe you’ve read the top self-help books, watched the most popular TED talks.

Probably, you know what you “should” be doing to achieve what you want… in the important areas of your life.

And truth be told, you’ve made some progress.

But you know that you’re not there yet.

It feels like you’re doing all the right things… but still, something isn’t quite right.

Welcome to a happier and easier experience

I’ve already helped hundreds of clients go:

  • From feeling overwhelmed and anxious – to feeling happy and relaxed… whilst having even more impact
  • From stuck and frustrated – to fulfilling your potential.
  • From working all the time – to having more time and energy. So you can enjoy what’s important.

Welcome to a happier, easier and more impactful experience.

I amplify your progress, exponentially…

So that you can have more impact, in a way which brings you joy and peace of mind.

You can read about my clients’ success here, or…

Get the structure and support you need to

transform your life

My coaching programs are tailored to your needs.

There are no cookie-cutter approaches here. That stuff is for amateurs or bakers.

I show you a simple system for (re-)connecting with your core strengths.

You get a visual map of your unique challenges and how they might be linked… so that you can identify the heart of the matter.

This means you don’t get sidetracked with “symptoms.” We can work together to dissolve the underlying causes.

This makes your progress easier and faster.

You get amazing breakthroughs on a regular basis. I don’t ration these. You don’t have to wait months or years for your next breakthrough experience. 

Together, we identify your growth areas and blind spots compassionately and with humour… so that you have a kinder experience of change, with a few laughs along the way.

I take you through processes that remove blocks fast.

You get all this structure and support from my coaching program… so that you can transform your life and deepen your impact.

The difference between knowing the path and

walking the path

Are you putting what you know into practice?

Perhaps you’ve read the top self-help books or watched the popular TED talks.

What happens next for you?

How do you put this into practice? How do you keep yourself on track?

Can you discover your blindspots on your own? Or do you already have someone who does that for you?

Who will have your back and support you… exactly in the way that you most need it?

What are you doing now to fulfill your potential?

What areas of your life need you to show up most, right now?

Am I the right person to help you with this?

Find out more about who I am, and my approach to coaching here. Or…

Carey said ‘Yes!’

Carey said ‘Yes!’

Carey is a senior lawyer at a big firm. She took on a challenging project. When things got crazy, she put her hand up for my support in a coaching program.

Here’s what happened to Carey. She said:

“Even though the project isn’t going smoothly 100% of the time, I’m okay. Previously, there would have been anxiety, fretting and worst case scenario-ing. But now, I’m getting on with the work. And I’m better at it. The feedback I’m getting is great.”

“Now, I’m more willing to take on challenges like this. Because this will advance my career like nothing else.”

There’s knowing the path. And then there’s walking the path.

Will online coaching give you results?

And be enjoyable too?

Depending on my itinerary, you may find it easier to see me in person – or on a video call (online).

Outstanding results Yes, you get the same, incredible results with me on a video call. Plus, you get to enjoy it, sitting back and relaxing – in the comforts of your own home.

Free 30 minute strategy session It’s easy to find out if this works for you. Take me up on a free 30 minute strategy session. No strings attached. Then you’ll know for sure if video calls work for you.

The feeling of connection It’s nice when you can feel that someone is there for you, when you can feel their warmth and presence. You can experience this with me on a video call, face to face.

Jen and the high pressured workplace

Jen and the high pressured workplace

Jen has been an HR Manager for 14 years. But it was still a struggle to stay on top of things. Her workplace was always high-pressured.

This is what happened when Jen said yes to my coaching program. 

After a particularly high-pressured week at work, Jen said: “The old me would’ve felt stressed and overwhelmed. But now, I’m feeling calm and relaxed. And I’m better at what I do.”

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Want to chat and see if you and I are a fit?

Say ‘Yes’ by clicking on the button below

Want to connect and see if you and I are a fit?

Say yes by clicking on the button below.


I take a different approach than most other experts. So you get better results.

I take a different approach than most other experts. So you get better results

I do this stuff on myself. So I know what it’s like to live and breathe this. When I guide you, I have a strong sense of what you might be going through.

I create a visual map. This shows you the underlying cause of your concerns. You get clarity. We get to identify strategic solutions together, rather than shooting blind.

I take a holistic systems approach: mindset, physiology, lifestyle & environment. Because I want your results to stick. And I want that to happen fast for you.

Wondering what my rates are?

Wondering what my rates are?

Each program is tailored to suit you. So there isn’t a fixed rate.

But naturally, you want an approximate idea.

Your basic program can start from $440 per month. A comprehensive program can be around $2000 per month.

Your program includes coaching. It may also include a group program and other benefits.

Naturally, this is customised to your needs. And the only way you and I can do this is if we have a chat.

Click on the button below now and I will organise a good time for us to talk.