A simple kinesiology definition

Michelle Soo, Bestselling Author | Fun & Productivity Coach

How about a kinesiology definition that is easy to understand?

Is kinesiology just muscle-testing? (See below.)

Or is there more to it?

You’ll find the answers here.

I see kinesiology as a way for you, and I, to understand what’s really going on.

I use it to pinpoint the specific underlying cause/s of a problem.

I also use it to identify what steps you and I can take to solve the problem at hand.

This means that you don’t have to waste time and energy on dealing with symptoms.

A simple kinesiology definition

Muscle testing is one of the simplest kinesiology definitions. It’s also not as straightforward as it sounds.

Muscle testing is a gentle way of asking your body for the answers. That’s the simplest way to put it.

If you’d like a more straightforward answer, then read this: When I’m testing your muscle response to a little pressure, I’m actually checking out the integrity of the biofeedback loop between your muscle and your central nervous system.

That shows itself in your muscle response.

You can learn muscle-testing in a weekend and call yourself a kinesiologist. Many people do.

But the full benefit and wisdom comes from how that muscle-testing is applied.


If muscle-testing provides the answers, then you need someone to ask the right questions.

Because the answers are only as good as the questions asked.

To ask the right questions, I draw from my training in medical science, NLP, positive psychology and Chinese Medicine psychology.

When I work with your mindset, I’m also working on your physiology.

To put it simply, I work with your thoughts, emotions and behaviour – along with your brain chemistry and other body processes. 

Because I understand that experiences like frustration or anxiety have both a mind and a body component.

And I want your results to be thorough.

This is how I have solved “medical mysteries” and changed mindsets – seamlessly.

Often, it’s the same work that happens in both these areas.

It’s kinesiology that allows me to do this.

I use it to identify the tip of the iceberg. And work with what lies deeper beneath.

This gives you the results you are looking for.

Rather than someone else telling you what they think is wrong, and what they think the solution is, I use kinesiology to connect with you, consulting your system for the right answers.

With the right questions.

This avoids a trial-and-error approach with your health and wellness.

Your mind-body system shows me what is actually happening.

This is why your sessions with me have such clarity and precision.

It is also how I am guided in formulating a solution for you that is the fastest, easiest, kindest and most effective one possible.

I’ve been using kinesiology in one way or another in my mentoring work.

You can read some of my case studies in my bestselling book: It’s Supposed To Be Fun.

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